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4 Simple Steps

1. Sign Up - Create a League!

Select how long you want the league to run and how many countries or states you want each player to have on their team. Usually teachers think about each class as its own league, but you can structure and create leagues however you want with the number of players you have. Check out the FANgeopolitics or FANpolitics pages above for additional tips about each game. And see the "Divisions and Playoffs explanation" video for a quick rundown of a few extra features here.

2. Invite Players!

Decide if you want to play with students (highly recommended your first time!) or just commission the league. 

Send students an email invite with a link to your league by inputting their email address (must be G
oogle or Microsoft accounts) and clicking "Invite" OR give students the token to enter themselves on the "Join A League" page. Students that accept the email invite or use the token to sign in with Google or Microsoft can trade countries, access trends, and interact with current events!

After a few players are added, Click "Draft" on the left sidebar under Commissioner Tools.

The draft will "snake" through the rounds so whoever has the last pick in the 1st round will have the first pick in the 2nd round and so on until the rounds are complete.

Determine the Draft Order that works best for you!

3. Have a Draft in Class! 

When ready, click "Start Draft" in the upper right under your name.


Run your interactive Draft map from one central computer and projector or smartboard (or share your video screen) and have students come up to your computer to click on (or call out) their country, state, or Congress pick each round. 

It's best to have students understand how it works and use the resources for each game to prepare ahead of time: Here are a few tips to dominate your next draft

Basically, they should know which countries or states are in the news most and which might be in the news soon. Champions are usually born in the 3rd round and beyond after all the top scoring selections have been drafted. Take a deep dive into current events ahead of time! And allow students to use resources during the draft (i.e. 

Students will come up to your computer to click on a country

to select it for their team in a series of rounds. 

4. Play! Learn! Become a FAN of school.

Once the Draft is complete, use the Dashboard + Trends Map (red is fading, green is trending) to update students and discuss current events. Students can click on countries or states to access news and check the Feeds for updates! Scores are updated every 8 hours starting at 3am central time.

Students can click on countries on the week-over-week Trends Map
to access the latest News while learning geography.

Students should use the League Map below to add-drop countries or states no one is using or try to make a trade! You'll get an email notification if a trade has been made, allowing you to make any necessary changes as teacher-commissioner.

You can manage teams and leagues however you want and utilize it to engage with your existing lessons.

Think about awarding manual point adjustments for participation or activities, get students writing about current events in spaces, or frame discussions or debates around global solutions. 


Whoever becomes most aware of what's happening in the world, researches, and adjusts their lineup accordingly wins the most!

If you have larger class sizes and don't want to spend as much time drafting, feel free to put students into groups, then select a team-leader who'll manage the account and share access.

Once you get the hang of it, you'll see you can tweak how you use it quite a bit. Check out the individual game pages for more information on each game and see our YouTube Playlist for videos and quick "How To" Tips. Click the "playbook" star for an additional summary.

5. Publish for an Authentic Audience.

Paid subscribers enable students to publish articles about what they're learning. See "How to Write a Fantastic Article" and the Fanschool blog for more ideas!

Commissioner Tools

Use the MANAGE GAME page to Make Point AdjustmentsReset Scores to zero,
or "Play As" a student to see what they see:

You can also click the upper-right Players dropdown to edit Game Settings
like Start and End Dates or how many Countries, States, or Congress members A Player Can Draft. Use this option to Restart Game and re-draft with the same students too.


It's simple to have your school pay!

If you have access to the school's credit card number to enter using our secure system, that's awesome. If not, use the "Send an Invoice" button to input the email of another payer at your school. That email will then receive an automatic invoice (with a link to our W9) to make arrangements to pay by credit card or check. Warning: 

If you enter your own email address in this space, you'll receive the invoice via email and getting someone else to pay for you won't get simpler. 


If your school requires a purchase order, you can simply input that P.O. number from your school here too. Here's a short video of what this process will look like: