How to Write a Fantastic Article

1. Choose a good title.

Tell us what you're talking about in the article or ask us all a question: Extra points for helping us stay curious and click on it! The best titles might come to you after you write your article. 

2. Elaborate on what you want to say and support it.

If you're not thinking in paragraphs, maybe it's not a post we'll be fans of? 

As Adam Grant says, "We pay too much attention to people who talk in soundbites and too little attention to those who think in paragraphs." You could just post that quote and ask us what our favorite quotes are too! Good articles don't have to be long, but they should definitely be relevant and helpful

Eric Nelson _ Fanschool.gif

Use bold or italic headers to separate paragraphs and topics (or for extra emphasis). Highlight portions of your text to hyperlink it to a scholarly url, enabling us to fan out and learn more (this establishes your credibility too). Add a fitting image or video link wherever it helps! 

3. Tag your article with relevant subjects.

All articles created from the "Write an Article" button in the Election Challenge dashboard will be tagged "Politics" automatically. Feel free to add your own when you click Publish too. This enables more players and publishers with the same interests to see it!

4. Publish to an authentic audience of your choice.