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Olympic Challenge Resources

About the Olympic Challenge

Challenge games are platform-wide prediction contests for significant global events. Read more and go to to make your selections now! Fanschool members will have the opportunity to make educated predictions about the upcoming Olympics and draft countries they think will win the most medals. Play and publish with us by signing up at

See the Guide to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

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How can we maximize learning during the Olympics?

Teaching Resources from the Olympic Museum

Research past Olympics and analyze sources.

Hang up Olympic Posters from Around the World:

Use Primary Sources to Teach the Olympics.

Design an Olympics week to give out medals to recognize students, run fun contests, and build culture.

Set up a digital hangout with an Olympic athlete!

View the films "Salute" or "Race".

Explore how women's sports have changed, especially since the 1984 Olympics.

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Special Olympics or the Paralympic Games.

Find out why countries want to host the Games and whether the reality lives up to expectations. Should we host the Olympics in the same place every year instead?

Learn more about the economics of hosting the Olympics.

Partner up with another subject-area teacher to teach and learn about Technology & Engineering of the Games. Or use literary prose to create a pump-up video for your favorite team!

Get curious about propaganda during the Olympics, especially from the host country. 

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