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Here’s how Fanschool works:


  1. 1. Create a space at and invite students to join.

  1. 2. Click Settings to "Create new game".

  2. 3. Students submit their daily fantasy sports-like picks by your Start Date and will score points based on how often countries or states are mentioned in the news.

  3. 4. Encourage students to learn more about current events by checking out subject trends and making trades!

  4. 5. See our Help Center to learn about all the ways you can incorporate Fanschool into your curriculum.

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Now it’s time to run your first Fanschool game. Check out these tips for dominating your draft so that students have even more fun competing for competence:

  1. 1. Setup the arena. Make sure your students own their account. Once they do, they will have access to a host of resources.


  3. 2. Teach the rules of the game. To learn more about game rules and how scoring works, see "How to play real-world games".


  5. 3. Make a playbook. Encourage students to research subject-area content that's in the news so they have an idea of which picks they would like to make, especially low priced items. Is there an election or big event coming up? Where is conflict happening? How is climate affecting populations? Who's the most innovative?


  7. 4. Practice makes perfect. Use subject pages like these to help plan your Draft Days.


For more details on how to make your draft a success, read our article "How to play real-world games" or check out our YouTube videos.

Share learning Space URLs with anyone or @playfanschool 

Now that you can feel the thrill of competition, keep your player's spirits high and their excitement up! Here are a few resources that will encourage your students to play like champions every day:

  1. 1. All-Star Ideas to utilize 

  1. 2. "What is the purpose of Fanschool" article


  3. 3. "10 Ideas for Student Social Studies articles"
        Fanschool news to Follow Lists

  4.     Fanschool news to Like List


  6. 4. More Ways to Become a Fan of school

Use the game to keep your students engaged in (and DOing something with) current events and your curriculum, inside and outside your classroom. Reset Scores anytime in your Settings and publish your best projects to share with each other: These features will help you encourage and engage! 

Program your own social media feeds to deliver the signal through the news noise and help your students do the same on a daily basis. Use our Trends and Subject badge links to help you stay ahead of the game and help students see where to trade.

Study strong! Play smart.                                                                         
the Fanschool team

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