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FANpolitics Resources

Become a fan of learning about States & Congress

Politics is all about making decisions in groups. It is a science and an art. We could all become bigger fans of learning about how to utilize our power as citizens and scholars to work together better.

Draft Congress members or U.S. states to learn more about local politics, federalism, elections, and law. *Everything's at now and Members have new games and features available there: It's more like daily fantasy sports (where anyone can pick anything simultaneously) than the snake draft you might be used to. See "How to play real-world games" for how it works: You'll just need to subscribe and create a Space (rather than a league) to add Games to.

Ideas for Use

What are creative ways to draft states?

  • Draft Civil War or Civil Rights states to analyze historical legacies in those places.

  • Discuss and write about current events happening in player's states.

  • Draft states from certain regions to encourage geographic awareness.

  • Debate U.S. domestic policy solutions in different communities.

  • Play low-score wins to analyze states that might not get as much attention.

  • Utilize foreign language news to differentiate instruction.

  • Interact with states to help students learn geography, study capitals, and examine regional economics.​

  • Add points to teams for current event research, state projects, or class assignments.​

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What a Draft Might Look Like: