What's the best way to Draft from Home?  Anyone can be a commissioner and organize leagues. We've seen lots of student- and parent-run leagues springing up recently, from basements and living rooms just like the NFL Draft. Stay safe out there: These games never get canceled.

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What's this "Where to Watch" email I get when I become a subscriber?  While commissioners and players can access our Where to Watch page anytime, you'll also receive a monthly email letting you know where to watch next month. We hope this can help make your curriculum as relevant as possible. It might be the closest thing we've seen to our favorite TV show, "Early Edition".

Where to Watch + Tips for June - eric_fa

Do students need their own email addresses to log on? Yes, everyone needs a Google or Microsoft account to access news trends and make adjustments to their lineup. 


Players will receive emails about trade offers. Teachers will receive an email when two players make a trade, enabling you to make adjustments if need be.


Make sure emails from Fanschool don't get ignored by your school's email filters (add fanschool.org and fan.school domains to your email Contacts and Safe Senders list). We only send emails that help users play better and learn more. 



Does "up to 150 players" mean at a time or overall? Player numbers refer to your total at any one time. If you delete leagues with players from semester 1, for instance, it frees up all those player spots for semester 2.



Can my students play in teams? Sure, but each team needs to be organized manually and take action through an individual team-leader. Choose a team-leader to manage the account and get them talking to each other in real life about it!


What's the simplest way to have my school pay for me? If you don't have access to the school's credit card to utilize, see the "Send an Invoice" button to input the email of another payer at your school. That person's email will then receive an invoice (with a link to our W9) to make arrangements to pay by credit card or check. If you enter your own email address in this space, you'll receive the invoice and getting someone else to pay for you won't get simpler. Here's a short video of what this process will look like for you: